Entry Requirements

Outside of the obvious things like flights, accommodation and visas, there is a whole list of other things to do before stepping foot in Japan. This is just what I have to do (as of 24th September) and could quickly become out of date.

Fast Track

Fast track is a way to begin preparing for quarantine procedures from overseas. It has to be done at least 6 hours before departure.

  • Passport Check
  • Questionnaire
  • Pledge
  • Vaccination Certificate
  • PCR Test (The steps above will determine if you need a PCR test 72 hours before arrival)

To do this you need to download the MySOS app. Once you’ve hit all these steps, the screen will turn green or blue. (If it’s yellow you need a PCR, if it’s red, you’ve messed up somewhere). Then you can set up a Visit Japan Web account and transfer the data across. This whole thing took me less than an hour.

It’s Blue!

Visit Japan Web

Unlike Fast Track / MySOS, there isn’t an app for this stage.

  • Quarantine Procedure (link from MySOS)
  • Disembarkation Card
  • Customs Declaration

In the first part of this process, you can link the data from the Fast Track, this can be done in the MySOS app.

Filling out the rest is easy and when it’s done you get a QR code for both Customs and Immigration. Which I have both as screenshots and printed.

Working at Southampton Docks has proven the benefits of printed materials – QR codes are wonderful, but reliant on signal/wifi and battery power and after 22+ hours of travelling I don’t know how much use my phone will be.

Phone Apps

Need to have both MySOS and COCOA before arrival in Japan.

MySOS has multiple medical uses but is most important for the Fast Track process as listed above.
COCOA is essentially like the NHS track and trace app (if you’re in the UK) which uses Bluetooth to track your contact with anyone that may test positive for covid. You get flagged if you’ve been in close proximity with someone for 15 mins and they register as testing positive.

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